About Us

Rastantra is a concept born after numerous demands and the calling of the souls worldwide. Something needs to be done to make pure and cost-effective health solutions and food products more accessible to metro cities. The life-threatening situation the world faces in this COVID Pandemic stands testimony that perhaps the only proper protection is one's immunity. As we noticed the big cities of India succumb most quickly to the infection waves, the idea for expedited action took over us. We knew what was wrong in our natural defense and what should be done to prevent this in the future.

The modern lifestyle, and what it stipulates in terms of stress, diet, and attention to health, creates a glaring gap that modern medicine doesn't seem to realize. That is not due to the incompetence of modern medicine but due to its highly rigged commerce system, which only benefits when healthcare is centralized, and masses are dependent on drugs for long times.

But there is an opposite world view, and it's not very far-fetched either. It is right here in our courtyard. The Indic medicine system focuses on democratizing healthcare so that you don't need to outsource your health to a pharmaceutical company. Rastantra is an ancient Indian science of Rejuvenation of life which, along with Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra, and Darshan, has nurtured the people of India for thousands of years. These sciences hold the key to living a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. All the products at Rastantra store will be carefully chosen and developed on the inherent principles of these Indian sciences.

It was not only surgery or herbal medicine which was born in India. Encompassing all of it was a holistic view of human health that emphasizes being preventive. This approach is radically different from the reductionist dichotomy of symptoms and treatments. Instead, it focuses on restoring the balance and harmony of one's Microcosm with the larger Macrocosm, the 'Pinda' and the 'Brahmand.' Through calibrated alterations in balancing the Vata, Pitta, and Kaph compositions of the human body, traditional Indian medicine aims to create a robust, highly resistant immune system.

What could be more valuable and critical to our prosperity in such trying times? Hence, Rastantra was born.

It was then when our close friends, who run quite a popular page on social media by the name Prachyam, shared an idea with us. Prachyam had been trying to run an eCommerce store for almost a year, but they felt that it was more efficient for them to stick to the film magic they are known for. They were more than willing to transfer over their store and product line and let us run it. It was a bit more technical than it sounds, but we are grateful to them in the end.

And that brings us to the now. The Rastantra team is actively working on authentic sourcing of herbs, food products, and other critical elements of everyday diet - in as pure and cost-effective a way as possible. While we do that, feel free to shop from the spiritual health products and the adorable product line Prachyam has developed.

We pray for your healthy and prosperous life and spiritual well-being.

Happy shopping!